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The VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION is:

here for anyone who wants to live a greener, healthier and more ethical way of life. We welcome everyone - whether you're an omnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan or anywhere in between. We'll encourage and support you on your personal journey. This is an altruistic venture with the simple mission to save lives and save our planet. We're all volunteers, funded purely by donations and are registered not-for-profit.

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Guilt Free Shop - 15% off for Associates   08.08.2016

Guilt Free Shop offer high quality cruelty free beauty, bath, body and home fragrance for all the family.  A tiny minority of their products contain organic beeswax, all products have a full ingredients list attached.
Fiona Yorke the founder says "I am passionate about animal welfare and this has been the driving …

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Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said:

“The Vegan Lifestyle Association is a fantastic example of people power.

“Whether it’s for the environment, for personal health, or for animal welfare, there are lots of reasons to choose a plant-based diet, but it’s important to educate, promote and empower people – that’s exactly what the Vegan Lifestyle Association is there for".

“Food is one of the big three contributors to climate change, along with Energy and Transport – together they are responsible for 80% of everyone’s personal carbon emissions. That means we can all make a huge difference through how we choose to spend our money: how we light and heat our homes, how we get around, and what we choose to eat. That’s a simple, powerful message, and one that we all need to communicate.”

Dale Vince 2016
TV Presenter Jasmine Harman supports the work of the VLA:

“I think [the VLA] is a brilliant idea, the more people that can be on board and make an informed choice, the better. There is just not enough information out there for people at the moment, it’s all completely skewed towards the consumption of animal products. People think ‘free range’ is harmless – they don’t know. I hope the VLA will help to get that information out there to help people make informed choices. Once that information is in someone’s hands they would realise it’s a no brainer – you feel healthier, your conscience is clear, your carbon footprint is smaller and you’re not sacrificing anything. You can have products which are just as good (if not better) than non-vegan products but without any negative impact.”

Jasmine Harman 2015

Lifestyle shot taken of our vegan friends (and baby) at Exeter Phoenix Café Bar – see their website
Vegan shoes for photo shoot courtesy of Beyond Skin – see their website